About Us

Who We Are And What We Do

Meems Aero is an UAE based reseller of tires, aviation lubricants, consumables, spares and aviation components.  Introduced itself as an international aviation component re-seller. Although the company is still young but our relationship with our clients in the market led Meems to reach the stage to offer the lowest price with quality products and services. Our mission is to provide passenger aircraft tires which are ready to deliver to airlines in Asia, Africa, and other continents. Either be it a routine order for component or tires or an aircraft on ground (AOG Situation) trust us to help you navigate through smoothly every time. Our AOG operation is being operated only in the Middle East for now but will be expanding further throughout the continents overtime.

Meems FZE is one of the most exponentially growing Aircraft parts resellers based in the Middle East and we are climbing up the ladder towards our goal of being the best at what we do worldwide. Our teams are dedicated to provide aircraft tires and aerospace fluid to our clients in Asia, Africa, and other continents. Our services are sales of the full range of new and unused aircraft tires and also provide full range of other manufacturer’s aircraft tires, aerospace fluid and lubricants subject to the customer’s requirements. We thank you for your support and hope you will join the largest aircraft community on the Web.